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Window tint installation in Colmbus, Ohio.


Professional Window Tinting

Auto Options installs only high-quality, scratch-resistant window tinting film. Tinted windows block the sun's harmful UV rays, reduce interior fading, increase privacy, and extend the life of your vehicle.

Tinting also reduces glare, which provides a safer driving experience. In addition, tinting greatly reduces interior heat, saving energy and providing a safe and comfortable driving and riding experience for adult, children, and infants.

Window tinting is available in a variety of shades and colors for all vehicles. You can drop your vehicle off for installation or wait in our comfortable waiting room while our pros install your tint.

Contact our experts at 614-268-3500 for a personal consultation and custom quote.


Window Tinting and Ohio Law

The darkness of window tint is measured by Visible Light Transmission percentage (VLT%). In Ohio, this percentage refers to percentage of visible light allowed in through the combination of film and the window.

According to Ohio Administrative Code 4501-41-03, on Ohio registered vehicles window tint must allow 50 percent light transmittance on the rear and side windows, and 70 percent transmittance on the windshield. In other words, the tint can not be darker than 50 percent on the side and back, and 30 percent on the windshield.

Ohio Law requirements:

Windshield Must allow 70% of Light In
Front Side Windows Must Allow more Than 50% of Light In
Rear Side Windows Any Darkness Can Be Used
Rear Window Must Allow more Than 50% of Light In

Auto glass is slightly tinted from the factory, so Auto Options works with your specific vehicle to assure that you are in compliance with state law.

Fines for illegal tint can run as high as $200, so be sure to work with professional installers to keep your window tint legal.


Top 7 reasons to get window tint at Auto Options:

1. Keeps You Cool
You can reduce the heat inside your car by up to 60% with window tint. Reduce the "Ouch!" moments by protecting your steering wheel and seats from the heat.

2. Protects Your Skin and Eyes
Direct sunlight and the sun's UV rays can damage your skin, accelerate aging, and cause skin cancer. Window tint reduces harmful UV rays by up to 99%, protecting you and your family.

3. Protects Your Vehicle's Interior
The heat and UV rays from direct sunlight can fade your upholstery and dry and crack your dash and console. Window tint blocks up to 90% of harmful UV rays (and reduces up to 99%) and protects your vehicle's interior from warping, fading, and cracking crack. This keeps your vehicle looking good and protects its resale value.

4. Allows Safer and More Comfortable Driving
Window tinting shields your eyes and prevents glare from the sun and other sources of extreme light, providing a more comfortable and much safer driving experience.

5. Protects Your Privacy
Legal window tint protects others from seeing who is in the car for privacy and security. It also helps prevent others from viewing items in your car, including packages and shopping bags.

6. Prevents Windows From Shattering
Window Tint helps to keep your car’s window from shattering upon impact in an accident, helping to prevent injury from flying glass.

7. Looks Great
Window tint looks stylish, complements your vehicle's design lines, and makes your color and finish "pop" for a great look in your driveway and on the road.


Contact our experts at 614-268-3500 for a personal consultation and custom quote.


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